Economical Issues For Christians

July 26, 2022 0 Comments

The Scriptures have very much to say about fiscal issues; the New Testament has much more to say about money than about Hell. So how come Christian individuals so skittish when the subject matter of money comes up? Why have words like “prosperity” & “wealth” and “rich” suddenly become dirty written text in the body of Christ?

What we want within the church today (the Body of Christ, not just our small team or perhaps denomination) could be split into 2 parts: education, and mindset. The attitudes of ours about things financial are already way wide of the mark, mainly due to a fundamental lack of knowledge of the Scriptures.

Start out, then, with education. Read through the epistles of the New Testament with a watch open for monetary topics. Poverty is a single aspect of the curse of sin that this world labors under since the fall of Adam, and Jesus has redeemed us from the curse. Certainly no wonder God, through the many epistle-writers, is striving to teach us about that aspect of redemption.

In the past several decades, there have been initiatives made to get monetary understanding into the Church, and many of these initiatives are ineffective, quite possibly dangerous. This takes place since we are all fallen, and at the mercy of temptations; we grab a scrap of truth and carry it over the brink of insanity. This doesn’t suggest the “truth” was not “true,” but that we have been attempting to digest meat before we had been ready. Though it is now time for us to grow up, be the mature sons and daughters God wants us to be, as well as tackle the truth just as before with a mature being hungry for God’s Word, and stored the childish ways of the past.
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The attitudes of ours about money has to change for ink reason which is simple: Jesus gave us the mandate to meet up with the demands of those around us. (That’s what “Love the neighbor of yours as yourself” genuinely means.) A command to aid the poor is of no use if we’re the bad; just how much even worse if we believe that God wants us poor? But no, God wants us to prosper, to have our needs met, with enough left over to aid anyone in need.

On a much larger scale, the Church has to send the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those in darkness, right here at home and abroad. But how can we spread the Gospel to others in case we are able to seldom pay for to keep our own personal church doors open? God desires to bless us so that we are able to bless others. The ability of ours to bless others is part, a very visible part, of our testimony on the goodness of God, who “gives you the ability to get wealth, he could establish The covenant of his in the earth.” And it is the goodness of God that leads folks to salvation.

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